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Why Become an Affiliate?

Ideally, the answer is...
"To make money while you sleep!" 

Most poker affiliate programs have a
GRP (Gross Revenue Percentage) Plan where you earn between 20-35% of a player's contribution to the rake for life.

Other choice include a Per Signup Plan (CPA)
that can range from $50 to $150 per referral.

That's right...every time a referred player sits down at the table, YOU GET PAID!  Hundreds of poker players are sitting back right now building their bankroll without even playing poker. 

What are you waiting for?

Become an affiliate...         Sign up now! 

Feature Website

Poker Affiliating is an affiliate information site that is dedicated to informing new affiliates about marketing and promoting online poker.

At Poker Affiliating, you will find affiliate resources, marketing tips, pros and cons of the business and links to the best poker affiliate programs available.

Visit Poker Affiliating today!

Super Poker Affiliate Programs

Party Poker - The best affiliate program on the market of poker bar none.

Poker Room - Poker Room's affiliate program is improving daily.  Poker Room will help by sending you free promotional materials to get started.  Their online banner farm is truly impressive.


Casino Partners (Titan Poker) - Amazing software and stat monitoring makes Casino Partners the cream of the crop in terms of poker affiliate programs.  Customer service is second to none.

Casino Partners - Titan Poker Affiliate Program

Although the above are the cream of the crop, check back later for more affiliate programs!

Affiliate Information LinksJeremy Enke - Party Riches

Poker Affiliate World - The Ultimate Guide for anyone interested in becoming a poker affiliate.  Check out the forum especially.  Jeremy Enke is a genius.

More will be updated as reputable and helpful webmasters are found.

Have Questions??

poKer to the mAx would be happy to answer any questions you have about affiliate programs.

If you want to learn more about becoming an affiliate, how to promote online or offline, or if you just need a simple question answered, we will find out for you!

Send questions or comments to:


Affiliate Tips and Tricks

Starting up in the affiliate business can take time, dedication and some legwork.  Once you get going though the results are rewarding.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.   Start your own website.

2.   Place business cards in urinals of bars, stadiums and other establishments.

3.   Place business cards or stickers in poker books at the library or bookstore.

4.   Put  up fliers at local colleges and universities.  Laundromats are also a good location.

5.   Throw parties and leave fliers/pamphlets laying around.

6.   Take advantage of poker promotions going on where you live.  Get involved, check out the never know who you can chat up or where you can leave your card.

7.   Play poker...and table talk.  This seems to work very well.

8.   Chat online...bring up the topic don't want to be accused of spamming.

9.   Slip cards, fliers or other advertising into free newspapers or magazines and deliver to residential mailboxes.

10.   Purchase advertising.

For a more detailed discussion of affiliate strategies and marketing ideas, visit:

Poker Affiliate World (PAW)

Is Being an Affiliate For You?


  • Money keeps on coming in
  • A lot of fun if you approach it with an open mind and a positive attitude
  • Social connections to other affiliates are rewarding
  • You have no boss
  • Sophisticated stat programs allow you to monitor your progress daily
  • You own your sign-ups for life
  • There are always new companies and products to affiliate with
  • Huge market potential
  • Once you are up and running, the business almost runs itself


  • Can be difficult to get started up successfully
  • Takes time to build your customer base
  • To be most successful, some initial investment is required
  • Hard to advertise without stepping over the line or on someone's toes
  • Many people do not like advertisers
  • Lack of progress (i.e., slumps) can make you feel like you are taking steps backwards
  • Lots of information to keep track of
  • You can never please all of your customers
  • Success can sometimes be deceiving...don't quit your day job just yet

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